Jewish pride (BLP Kosher)

I don't listen to much rap music these days, but my brother recently turned me on to a young, up-and-coming Jewish rapper from Florida who calls himself BLP Kosher. (The above image is a screen shot from one of his music videos on YouTube.) Before going any further, let me say that if you are… Continue reading Jewish pride (BLP Kosher)

Putin, or: A body double

A 'Septolet' Attendees wave flags at Russian pro-war rally. Dumpsters in Moscow filled with Russian flags. Septolet? The Septolet is a poem consisting of seven lines containing fourteen words with a break anywhere in between the two parts. Both parts deal with the same thought and create a picture.

Ukrainians we, or: Survival as one

A collection of 'lanturnes' wesing ofour nation'ssurvival asoneonepeopleunitedagainst Russianraperapeour landviolateour existenceforceforceshall nottriumph hereon our forebears'landlandsustainsthe cultureof ancestorshomehomedemandscommitmenton all our partsnownowour troopsmust withstandthis disastrouswarwarwas wagedupon usstill we remainfreefreeto livewithout fearUkrainianswe #TankaTuesday This collections of lanturne poems was written as an ekphrastic response to the image below, which I offered to Colleen Chesebro for her weekly Tanka… Continue reading Ukrainians we, or: Survival as one

Like mother, or: Like son

An American sentence: Looking up from her work, she thrilled at her son reading her childhood books. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didnโ€™t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total.… Continue reading Like mother, or: Like son

Three parenting highlights from Simchat Torah

Some tidbits of context As I've noted, Simchat Torah (literally: 'The Joy of the Torah') is the final holiday of the Jewish High Holy Day season in Israel that begins with Rosh haShannah (literally: 'The Head of the Year'). As somebody who lacks the basic tenets of faith that underlie the theological intentions behind the… Continue reading Three parenting highlights from Simchat Torah

Working up a sweat with poetic forms

Experimenting with poetic forms How long does it take you to write a poem that you're truly proud of? For me, it usually takes a fair amount of time; and this has led me to a recent realization that I'd like to share. My friends and readers know that I am constantly experimenting with sundry… Continue reading Working up a sweat with poetic forms

Smoke, or: Mirrors

A 'Jay's Way' poem Comes a point (I'd rather not admit it) that I employ poetic forms to flaunt wit, rather than work at enhancing art... To seem -oh- so smart -to impress- (I confess), brings me great pleasure. So- wordplay; letters; rhymes; & measures... I'll have a go at challenges many won't. Sure, just… Continue reading Smoke, or: Mirrors

Proud as a peacock, or: In fine feather

A limerick Proud as a peacock, Birdie puffed out her chest. For her little chickies, she'd have only the best! Regardless the weather, She'd keep herself in fine feather; So, her human pet would feather their nest. โ€˜What do you seeโ€™ Prompt #148 For Sadjeโ€™s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below as inspiration… Continue reading Proud as a peacock, or: In fine feather