Moonmilk, or: Full and embodied

Poetry Partners #95 'Naked and Sacred', by Nick Pipitone of 'Fiction & Ideas' Awakenings come when least expected A freeing of inner tension, an explosion Of color, light back into dull worlds The knot in my stomach is gone Soul connections made Souls fused together Souls finding souls on empty streets Drawn to each other… Continue reading Moonmilk, or: Full and embodied

Landing pad, or: Helicopter seeds

A haibun Things are changing. I am the one who's changing. I created this blog in memory of my father; I spent a year mourning, praying, reflecting, researching, reading, writing; and I shared my journey with the world. Then my year of traditional Jewish mourning, of reciting the Mourner's Kaddish prayer every single day, came… Continue reading Landing pad, or: Helicopter seeds