Antibiotics, or: Stir fry

Poetry Partners #39 A limerick by Mister Bump UK of 'Mister Bump' A young chap called David the sceptic, Got a cut on his toe which turned septic, While the rest of us scoffed, When his big toe fell off, The poor fellow went apoplectic! Mister Bump UK: A limerick by ben Alexander of… Continue reading Antibiotics, or: Stir fry

Fudge nuggets, or: Shnookerdookies!

My 1st cascade poem Curse words constantly boil up inside me They spill over when I'm speaking to myself Would the word Fuck degrade my poetry? I wonder if something is wrong with me Are other folks less frustrated than I am? Curse words constantly boil up inside me I harbor many dark and angry… Continue reading Fudge nuggets, or: Shnookerdookies!

The Sabbath, or: Shabbat

A palinode to: 'Shabbat, or: The Sabbath' Fuck that noise; Sabbath law annoys girls and boys who want toys; They're denied their simple joys; Onus ~ faith destroys d'Verse prompt: Write a palinode A palinode or palinody is an ode or song that retracts or recants a view or sentiment to what the poet wrote in… Continue reading The Sabbath, or: Shabbat

Images, words, or: Sounds perhaps?

Sevenling (Units of thought) My 2nd sevenling Units of thought would seem to be unknowable; perhaps my most basic intent is conveyed in... images, or... words, or... sounds...? What is necessary, at minimum, to understand me? What content do my screams carry? Or this gritted 'Fffffuuh' sound I make? Or seven tortured lines? The force of… Continue reading Images, words, or: Sounds perhaps?

I don’t blog on Shabbas (the Sabbath)

Worth watching: The Big Lebowski Recently, I've been watching a lot of movies online, which I haven't seen for many years. It amazes me how little I remember of them; in many cases, it's as though I'm watching these flicks for the first time all over again. Among them has been a popular cult classic,… Continue reading I don’t blog on Shabbas (the Sabbath)

Alive, or: Dead

'We are teachers to our grandchildren', a d'Verse prompt He was supposed to teach her math and now he fucking won't because he's ~ We? What 'We'? Is this the collective 'We who take being alive for granted' or 'We who are not to live again salute you - No - just kidding! We're ~… Continue reading Alive, or: Dead

Kebab, or: Flight of the Conchords

Wan'chyer fix? I gots tricks. I gots words on mah... stick. Laced w' prepositions, Basted w' adjectives, Nouns spiced up w' sharp verbs, Is you creaming for dis? Gots to push 'em all down, Den we roast 'em up quick. But issall jus' gimmicks Ain't no substance to dis; It may look juicy-hot, But it's… Continue reading Kebab, or: Flight of the Conchords