Con, or: Version

A Limerick I've always been and will remain a Jew. I've had faith and have doubted too. Some think Jews should convert; But, while I mean them no hurt, To me, their canons ring no less untrue. d'Verse Open Link Night I'm sharing this limerick for yesterday's d'Verse OLN. It reflects how I feel about… Continue reading Con, or: Version

Life, the Universe, or: Everything

My 1st Duodora Oh, you believe that? Well, if it comforts you, that's wonderful. My perception and understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything are different, but you can respect that, right? Oh, you believe in Divine providence? How about the Devil, demons, ghosts, evil spirits, witches, and vampires? More power to you. Those are… Continue reading Life, the Universe, or: Everything