I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being, which is precisely why I cannot call myself an atheist. It is why I occasionally recite the appropriate Jewish blessings before eating and am jealous of those who believe in supernatural forces that imbue their lives with purpose. It… Continue reading Possibility

Quiet place

A d’Verse prosery prompt Down the block from my city apartment, the mack was pimping underage girls. The street was getting to me; all the animals; whores, hustlers, thugs, junkies, sick, venal. War had been less filthy than this hell, but I tried to keep my food down. I had been losing weight. Only Iris… Continue reading Quiet place


A d’Verse prosery prompt “Yours is lighter than the breeze,” she rasped, “You couldn’t possibly understand, you blighter.” “My what?” the lad asked fearfully, but the crone continued speaking, her eyes and mouth twitching, as the child fought against his rusty shackles. “I’d just as well never have anything to do with you brats! Most… Continue reading Unearthly

Death on either side

A personal prosery prompt The narrow bridge swayed in the rain over the chasm, just as the old Mystic had described, but Hayim was determined. He visualized the elder’s wizened face. Death on either side, the Rabbi said. The way of life between was his only hope, but that would have to be enough. This… Continue reading Death on either side

The way of life between

A personal prosery prompt Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote: “We are constantly dying alive. From the view point of temporality we are all dead except for a moment.” It’s true, you know. As we turn the calendar page to 2021, I think to myself: well, that was a moment. Death on either side, the Rabbi… Continue reading The way of life between

Prismatic mystery

A personal prosery prompt I am certainly not one to stop and smell the flowers, let alone photograph them, but several weeks ago a tree beckoned at me, its leaves purple at the top, flaming in the middle, and healthy green below. How beautifully leaves grow old, how full of light and color. ‘Are their… Continue reading Prismatic mystery

A study in scarlet

A d’Verse prosery prompt Watson, you don’t still maintain that the Duchess is innocent? Haven’t we been inspecting the same evidence together? Her hospitality must have been a ruse from the very start. Come, let us examine this entry with discernment. Surely you must see it? Our culprit is clearly sinistral! Further, what do you… Continue reading A study in scarlet