Big fish, or: Tanking

A 'Septolet' Sanctions; inflation; brain drain barrage Russia. Its economy's gasping like fish in a puddle. Septolet? The Septolet is a poem consisting of seven lines containing fourteen words with a break anywhere in between the two parts. Both parts deal with the same thought and create a picture. Twiglets #302 fish in a puddle

Servitude or death

dโ€™Verse prosery Maria looked down at her little finger, as Boss Rossi leered at her lithe body and handed her the small, obsidian blade. "So, what's it going to be, little girl? You wanna live? C'monโ€ฆ the tip of your pinky is a small price to pay, ain't it?" The beaten woman clenched her teeth… Continue reading Servitude or death