almost, or: Tired

A free verse quadrille lacking motivation to even capitalize my letters; nah it’s stylistic –capitalized one only to change it –cuz that’s creative right? almost missed it, actually cuz my puter screen is smudged up, and I'm lacking the motivation to spray it and wipe it down. Tired A d'Verse prompt The above free verse… Continue reading almost, or: Tired

Worlds, or: Stories

A d'Verse quadrille wanting to understand every world every word intriguing who is he she she she he she say more tell more you were kidnapped by your father how curious I'm so fascinated no you got pregnant as a teenager wow how did your parents what The prompt: A curiosity of poems The above… Continue reading Worlds, or: Stories

River of sweet poetry, or: Sacred tendrils climbing

A 'Magnetic' free verse quadrille Wanna try? Click here. gentle rain on ancient fertile seed river of sweet poetry wets earth water murmurs with secret song beneath warm spring sun watches from above life's thick fresh roots growing deeply sacred tendrils climbing up through the grass winter's beautiful cold frost spirit will wither Notes For… Continue reading River of sweet poetry, or: Sacred tendrils climbing

Snail mail, or: Love

My 1st Envelope Quintet (a d'Verse Quadrille) “What a bother,” she thought, as she licked the stamp, “We needn’t bother with snail mail nowadays, but Gramps can’t be bothered to use a PC, so I’ll humor his sweet, old, bothersome ways.” She knew he’d relish her letter, under his favorite lamp. The prompt: Come “bother”… Continue reading Snail mail, or: Love

Delicious, or: Unkosher

Sevenling (I drank) A d'Verse quadrille I drank an expensive bottle of red wine from Moldova. It was subtle; smooth; unkosher. Kosher wines must be produced exclusively by Sabbath-observant Jews; open bottles are rendered unkosher if even touched by gentiles; this feels to me like racism. Such delicious wine. d'Verse The above sevenling is my… Continue reading Delicious, or: Unkosher

Alexander, or: Alexander

A quadrille in memory of Papa z"l (in two limericks) I. Alexander hacked the Gordian Knot; Defeated all armies he fought; With lightning sword, Secured his reward... ... Unknown remains his burial plot II. My Papa conceived 'Cut The Knot', Believing education ought be rethought Blazing forth new path, Spreading passion for math; Personal gain?… Continue reading Alexander, or: Alexander

Switchgrass, or: Sweet switchel

Switchgrass, swelter, swinking, sweaty swivet; thoughts swiftly swirling; swollen, swimming eyes; oh! Oh, but to swinge that swift, swarthy swindler! The swashbuckling swine hadn’t swithered, swiftly swiping; swith, swiveling, switching hands, leaving his lady swooning, swirling her sweet switchel on Swiss porch swing… Swish… The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s Quadrille challenge #123. The… Continue reading Switchgrass, or: Sweet switchel

Flow, or: Killin’ it

I’m lettin' go, goin' public; here I go, goin' for it: I’m goin' grey, have gone bald, (not yet blind or deaf); I've long gone out of fashion; am goin' downhill; but I won’t go out softly; phat flow's goin'... in... for the kill! 🎯 The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s Quadrille challenge #122.… Continue reading Flow, or: Killin’ it