Yours, mine, or: Divine?

An Alouette Can you feel the love Tonight, high above These starlit skies? It is mine And yours, ours both, for It's our shared growth, or Perhaps it's fierce force (divine?)... Who knows? Not I. Do You? I once wooed you; Now, together, one and two, Thus entwined, we pull At each other, full Of… Continue reading Yours, mine, or: Divine?

Baked, or: Wry humor

Free verse, free verse, getcher free verse! Tomorrow it'll cost ye! Straight outta the oven! Yes, Ma'am! 'ere ye go, Ma'am! Oh, yes, Sir! We've been in the guild fer fi... no... make it six generations in consonance with our family's standards... Th-the vow, Sir? O-of course, Sir, b-by 'eart, Sir! I do solemnly vow,… Continue reading Baked, or: Wry humor

Prism, or: Schism

My 2nd rondelet Is poetry My faith, rather than Judaism? Is poetry More to me than mere poesy? Each verse, every form ~ a new prism... Poetry is my bridge, not schism ~ Is poetry. P.S. This post was scheduled in advance because I am offline for two days (between sunset on Monday and sunset… Continue reading Prism, or: Schism

Rather, Since, or: Repeat

A triolet Have we souls that lather, rinse, repeat? Rather, are we of meat and spirit, ~ or: is an afterlife mere conceit? Do our souls lather, rinse, repeat, ~ or: did God but one life each mete? We wonder: do our essences transmit? Have we souls that lather, rinse, repeat? Rather, are we of… Continue reading Rather, Since, or: Repeat

Dreams, or: Seems

A triolet Are you reading these words as I dream? Am I now dreaming these words you're reading? We know nought of life but how things seem... Are you reading these words as I dream? Exists there but one mutual thought-stream? Is individualism merely misleading? Are you reading these words as I dream? Am I… Continue reading Dreams, or: Seems

How much suffering would I endure?

... my younger brother sensed that our father was not long for this world. He noted my father’s health problems... and the sadness in my father’s eyes. He noted my father’s fatalistic daily behaviors and approach to life...-Me, 'The Skeptic's Kaddish' #6, Sept. 14, 2018 I wrote the above in one of my earliest posts… Continue reading How much suffering would I endure?