Delib, or: ately awkward

A quadrille (in descort form) Static thinking falls short when writing a descort; it is deliberately awkward, as every single line must differ from every other line in length, meter, and rhyme too, thereby forcing poets to be flexible, or at least write more irregularly than they might prefer. Descort poem The descort differentiates itself… Continue reading Delib, or: ately awkward

Fragments, or: Figments

A Fragment Poem I. ... rhymes in the drift lethargic still long past cockcrow hour he hears children's Gales of laughter and squalls cherubs performing punk rock somewhere near... II. ... got the idea he was a poet Never snorted Sewage nor spewed it Out, down To earth himself Broken brilliant in the rough... III.… Continue reading Fragments, or: Figments