Unimaginable to tender minds

dโ€™Verse prosery In every generation, words were left unspoken between parents and children. Some, unimaginable to tender minds. Some elders harbored the traumas of their youths to their families' detriments in ultimately futile attempts to protect them. Others remained incapable of acknowledging, let alone processing, the damage they'd suffered. These were the most dangerous. Beaten… Continue reading Unimaginable to tender minds

The abyss, or: Essence

Poetry Partners #65 A poem by Vedran Markovic of 'Frog Machinery' Falling falling falling, Can't stop falling. You see the stars, They slowly fade. You see the clouds, They dissipate. You fall through the sky, The blue fades away. You hit the ground, Don't stop now. Break through ground, Flying by the roots. Begin to… Continue reading The abyss, or: Essence

Creation, or: Chaos

A monotetra Verse comes in sheets of driving rain. Thoughts pitter-pat ceaseless refrain. Soaked through, my soul's washed clean of pain. Words keep me sane. Words keep me sane. While mind floats, buoyed by the flow, The heart absorbs what none can know. In foggy depths, rare insights glow. They're birthed just so. They're birthed… Continue reading Creation, or: Chaos