Jewish and normal

I had an unexpected flash of insight the other day regarding the following themes: My Jewish identityLiving in IsraelBlogging on WordPress My Jewish identity While I only encountered Orthodox Judaism and gradually began to adopt a religious lifestyle in college, I have always strongly identified as a Jew. If I were to sort the many… Continue reading Jewish and normal


Some cultural aspects of Orthodox Judaism require a lot of explanation, which makes them challenging to write about with accuracy and general appeal both. Also, I am no authority on this subject and am sure to miss some pertinent points in any explanation that I offer. Nevertheless, I want to try, to the best of… Continue reading Disillusionment

Keyboard Judaism

When I discovered Orthodox Judaism at the age of eighteen, I experienced it as the meaningful vision for religious Judaism that I had never thought to imagine. Through many of the years that followed, even when I wasn't a practicing Jew, I aspired only to Orthodoxy. I judged myself and others by the standards and… Continue reading Keyboard Judaism

The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 13

One of the most fascinating aspects of the mourner's kaddish is that it doesn't directly mention death or mourning. Given that kaddish is a conversation between people, this leaves me wondering. How much do we leave unspoken between us? How much was left unspoken between me and my father z"l? If the death prayer omits death, how… Continue reading The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 13