Family, or: Qualifiers

My 1st trimeric

Families readily fall apart
Tearing holes in a once-child's heart
Not only the tangible expires
Living souls left singed by hell's fires
Tearing holes in a once-child's heart
Held together by staples and wires
Painful lessons doth distance impart
Not only the tangible expires
We live always a part and apart
Sundered so by conflicting desires
Living souls left singed by hell's fires
Penetrating surrounding ramparts
That are built of weakest qualifiers

I just discovered the trimeric form on Murisopsis’ blog. I like this a lot.

Sadly, this was inspired by dynamics that exist in my own family 😞

Chirps above, or: Silky gloves

My 1st Shadorma

Snippet of ~
Of our sure, full love ~
Chirps above,
Silky gloves ~
Push could never come to shove,
For we're so in love

I was recently exposed to the shadorma form of poetry by Kerfe and Lauren. As always, I had to give it a go… this is definitely one of those short forms that challenges us to pack as much as possible into every word. Quite lovely, really – I enjoyed this one!

Note: the form need not rhyme.

Inner senryu, or: Haiku

Dear Haiku, pray, how do you do?
Day after day, my heart yearns for you.
Such a hard pill to swallow;
All my jokes feel so hollow;
Must our relationship really be through?
in wintry waters
needy anglerfish cling on;
rainbow trout solo
Can't you recall all the fun we once had?
Those pranks you would pull in our pad?
Before your nature studies,
We were lovers and buddies;
Your new seriousness makes me so sad.
cold darkness fading
distant horizon aglow
long shadows recall
Yes, yes! There's that smile in your eyes!
Come! Enough with the humorless sighs!
You were my senryu,
The witty one I wooed...
Please - don't let genius bring about our demise.
scientist, beaming,
discovers... nay! recaptures
love, laughter, purpose


Whenever d’Verse invites us to share poems of our choosing with our poetry community, I tend to select works of mine from many months ago. However, in response to this week’s prompt, I’m opting, for the first time, to share a poem that I completed and published just today.

I simply had a lot of fun crafting this particular poem, and I’d like to share it with you on this April Fool’s Day. I do hope you enjoy it! 😁

All best,