Form, or: Substance

An Awdl Gywydd What forms could ideas take, should they make friends with meter? Do they gain aught from rhyme schemes? Might love themes make them sweeter? P'raps stiff attempts at versing are but forcing strained meanings, while rhymers free verse treat cheap, which with deepest soul-words rings? Awdl Gywydd Syllabic: stanzas of four lines,… Continue reading Form, or: Substance

Shadow, or: Oneself

A "Shadow Sonnet" Rhyme should not be used for the sake of rhyme; Verse should flow smoothly, of deep, inner verse; Climb the soul's mountain, towards crisp night clime; Perse shadow skies... spirit-alpinist's purse. Dive back to earth, have some beers at a dive; Relate your feelings to some who relate; Live conversations leave men… Continue reading Shadow, or: Oneself

Reason, or: Rhyme

Poetry Partners #8 'The Infinite Wisdom of Half Asleep', a poem by Rae Cod of 'Rae Cod's Writing' In that space before I wake up words are floating free Boundless without boundaries they make their call to me Rise NOW and place us on the page or weโ€™ll forever flee I search for pen and… Continue reading Reason, or: Rhyme

No bed, or: Roses

My 2nd Lai My engines are fired up, as is required for flight. Coffee has me wired, but nothing's transpired tonight. Though I feel inspired, my brain's much too tired to write. I dream of heartaches, of mountains, of lakes, still, vast. Then, morning, I wake; it's come time to make breakfast. Oh, for goodness… Continue reading No bed, or: Roses

Selious, or: Sirry

My 1st Virelai Ancien I know, I know! Rhyme is passรฉ! A game that little children play... But I feel young! Old school, they say, but who is 'they'? Besides, I never quite could stay my playful tongue. So, I suppose you'll have your say - Read to the end, then: yay or nay -… Continue reading Selious, or: Sirry

Zag, or: Zig

My 2nd Tinaโ€™s Zigzag Rhyme I can'ts stop writing poetry; my pants stuck tightly to my seat. I surely oughts go do my chores, But vivid thoughts won't give me peace. So, what's a simple man to do, barraged by words the whole day through? I can'ts stop writing poetry; my pants stuck tightly to… Continue reading Zag, or: Zig

Zig, or: Zag

My 1st Tinaโ€™s Zigzag Rhyme Never met Tina but heard she's clever with the use of her tongue. I've heard she enjoys making puns and often annoys her lovers, who tend to feel she's too complex and expects too much oral text. Never met Tina but heard she's clever with the use of her tongue.… Continue reading Zig, or: Zag

Am, Are, or: Always

no doors in walls to Keep out fear just: Look and See, but no walls there... once structures, now Convulsing lines there's Is, there's Was, less timeless rhymes no what, no I, but only Am Am Flail for textures; Whisper, "damn..." unbearable, Am's Feels Are Galled Walled in, Crawling, no space at all! nouns swiftly… Continue reading Am, Are, or: Always