Doubtful thoughts, or: Fed souls

Poetry Partners #103 'Doubtful Thoughts', a poem by Grace Y. Estevez - Reddy of 'Grace of the Sun' Doubts that swim inside my head, on my way but sit instead. Insecurities that spread, doubts that linger in my head. Took each step but feel misled, not suspecting I would dread. Doubts that float inside my… Continue reading Doubtful thoughts, or: Fed souls

Hooray! or: Oy Vey!

An 'Eleventh Power' poem Hooray! I love to rhyme! So, I s'pose I will! 'Course, counting syllables is also great fun! No amount of wordplay could give me my fill; Poetic forms enchant; p'raps I'll try this one! It makes me feel good to hone my writing skills; And once I have finished, it feels… Continue reading Hooray! or: Oy Vey!

Selious, or: Sirry

My 1st Virelai Ancien I know, I know! Rhyme is passรฉ! A game that little children play... But I feel young! Old school, they say, but who is 'they'? Besides, I never quite could stay my playful tongue. So, I suppose you'll have your say - Read to the end, then: yay or nay -… Continue reading Selious, or: Sirry

Duke of the uke, or: Patsy

A rhyming quadrille Luke Glueck was the Duke of the uke; heโ€™d get drunk and twang like a kook. His drinking and juking drew rebuke, cuz every damnโ€™d night he would puke and collapse on the floor, his brain nuked. Itโ€™s no wonder Luke always got rooked! A d'Verse prompt The above free verse poem… Continue reading Duke of the uke, or: Patsy

Life, or: Death

Inspired by Theodore Roethke's 'My Papaโ€™s Waltz' He joined the family waltz The day that he was born; With playful somersaults, Toots ringing from his horn. He balance stepped with Life, His "corner" on his left; Tunes sweetly played by fife, His fingers small and deft. Twirled then towards the right, Suddenly out of breath;… Continue reading Life, or: Death