The Sabbath, or: Shabbat

A palinode to: 'Shabbat, or: The Sabbath' Fuck that noise; Sabbath law annoys girls and boys who want toys; They're denied their simple joys; Onus ~ faith destroys d'Verse prompt: Write a palinode A palinode or palinody is an ode or song that retracts or recants a view or sentiment to what the poet wrote in… Continue reading The Sabbath, or: Shabbat

Prime, or: Crime Minister

My 1st verso-rhyme My pen's not for intrigue ~but~ I'm fuming at our Prime Minister's great arrogance; insane power complex all-consuming; ugly machinations; and grievance dance! P.S. The political insanity that Israel has been embroiled in for the past two years (four elections have been held during that time period!) is primarily Prime Minister Netanyahu's… Continue reading Prime, or: Crime Minister

This heart, or: This mind

My 1st puente In the form of two envelope quintets This heart has no other blood known than flowed through all past generations linked one-by-one through space and time by ancient Hebrew conversations echoing through flesh and bone ~ ever more so as I've grown ~ This mind has grasped that nothing's known though men… Continue reading This heart, or: This mind

Dr. Seuss, or: Eminem

The truth finally comes out I shall now type some lines on a lark (I'm silly); When I rhyme, my kid begs- Please stop it! No really! She insists ev'ry day that I cease the abuse; That my words just annoy; that I'm no Dr. Seuss. And she's right, I admit, 'bout my quips and… Continue reading Dr. Seuss, or: Eminem

Earthly spin, or: Greatest sin

A poet's lament What, I wonder, rests within? Underneath my skin? True, I see a forehead; and, through my beard, a chin, But I've never known my organs, nor blood vessels thin. Perhaps I'm naught but poetry and have always been. I strain to hear my rhythm through daily bustling din; All thoughts of self-discovery… Continue reading Earthly spin, or: Greatest sin

Passover, or: Passage

This Is Passover; again it'll pass all us over Masses motor story, unworried at the past So fast, can't last, so that's why we repeat that story, sorry if you find it boring; This Freedom, redone, we're playing the rerun It's said words weigh, though I'd say no way Paragraphs versus verses, sentenced them All… Continue reading Passover, or: Passage