Pre(e), or: Posterity

A rispetto Sometimes spontaneous expressions Sometimes we call out to the muses Sometimes unbidden confessions Sometimes words one hardly chooses Always reflections of(f) the heart Always offerings of and to art Always labors born of the mind Always truest of what's left behind Footnote In Hebrew, 'pree' means 'fruit'

Regret, or: More often

A rispetto I often relive my mistakes. I often sense life has no point. I often think I'm being too fake. No one's left for me to disappoint. I often curse under my breath. I often imagine my death. I often feel I'm not worth shit. More often than I'd like to admit.

Archfiend, or: Writers’ bloc

A rispetto Were we to form a writers' bloc... Perhaps we could push back the Beast That poets know as Writer's Block... Surely it's worth a try at least?! Whenever Demon courage stomps, We'll force It back with writing prompts... When Archfiend motivation smothers, We'll rally to inspire each other! This poem was inspired by… Continue reading Archfiend, or: Writers’ bloc

Whoomp, or: There it is

My 2nd rispetto I chanced upon creative group of poets in a Jewish booth; Thrilled, I could not contain a whoop - Perhaps therein I'd hear some truth! I'd friendships deep with bards afar... But this? The twangs of live guitar? Among like-hearts in Jerusalem My inmost voice professed: I am! P.S. I am offline… Continue reading Whoomp, or: There it is

Vertical puddle, or: Snow

My first rispetto T'wards snow in Jerusalem I feel cold, Slip-sloshing through this dirty wet hassle; I'd much prefer to stay locked in my hold, Where I'm king of my dry, humble castle Israelites tend to find snow exciting, But my fingers feel stiff while I'm writing. Such commotion would a Russian befuddle ~ What's… Continue reading Vertical puddle, or: Snow