A quarter inch, or: Not too far above

A Shadorma as the rose stretched up lovingly, she closely eyed the lithe stem for bud eyes, pruning it with trained precision Prompts Twiglets #311 eyeing it Moonwashed weekly prompt Lovingly Tanka Tuesday Create a syllabic poem using this photo of a rose by Terri Webster Schrandt. Write about whatever this rose inspires in you.… Continue reading A quarter inch, or: Not too far above

Roses, or: Moses’ toeses

A haibun Yesterday my wife and I marked our eleventh anniversary. Hooray! I sent her roses for the occasion and ordered in from a fancy cafรฉ. After dinner, our seven-year-old very enthusiastically ran an art activity, instructing us to draw pictures for other family members. She's totally into celebrating our anniversary ~ we've taught her… Continue reading Roses, or: Moses’ toeses