Craft, or: Authenticity

A villanelle Many modern bards deem rhyming passรฉ, An obstacle to deep self-expression, Though one asks if impatience~ craft betrays? Artists must create, for it's thus they pray, Each in preferred mode at their discretion... Many modern bards deem rhyming passรฉ. Unfettered freedom is today's great craze; And most art's wrought to make deep impression...… Continue reading Craft, or: Authenticity

Moi, ou: Qui?

My 1st soliloquy Soliloquy \\ ought to have soul else there is no 'I' o', I'm too oft \\ left asking, "Qui? Who's this pretentious guy? That likes to play \\ with syllables & words & letters \\ hell. You give me rules, I'll play with 'em \\ and do it fuckin' well. But what's… Continue reading Moi, ou: Qui?