Dark yellow, or: Jaded

Poetry Partners #97 'Dark Yellow', a poem by Kathy Labrum McVittie of 'writingpresence' Tomorrow she will die again Slip-sighing into eternity And I will catch my breath again At the shrill of the phone in the night. Tomorrow she will lie again, Becalmed in a sea of flowers And I won’t know How to cope… Continue reading Dark yellow, or: Jaded

You don’t know until you know

Last night, my wife and the other mothers of the girls in our daughter's first grade class had an evening gathering to discuss the social dynamics that have been developing among our children. This was exclusively a meeting for the girls' mothers, rather than for all the mothers, because the boys and girls tend to… Continue reading You don’t know until you know

Abandoned, or: Never finished

Poetry Partners #81 'Letter to a friend', a poem by Filipa Moreira da Cruz of 'De Malinha Pronta' Dear friend, I’m counting the days for Spring to come You know I dislike Winter time If you were here, we could stroll on the beach Feeling free and released Have I told you that I have… Continue reading Abandoned, or: Never finished

Merit, Palm, or: Halt

Three American Sentences in 12 words: I. #merit I have #merit like you. I must satisfy myself that it's deserved. https://twitter.com/kaddish_s/status/1507972919791693826 II. #palm I… just can't fathom innumerable lives in the #palm of one's hand. https://twitter.com/kaddish_s/status/1507976234801717254 III. #halt Screaming, "#Halt!" on a busy street corner will only draw annoyed eyes. https://twitter.com/kaddish_s/status/1507981599173926914 What's an 'American Sentence'?… Continue reading Merit, Palm, or: Halt

A mishmash of thoughts on Ukraine

Showing solidarity with Ukraine Earlier today, I noticed a Ukrainian flag graphic on WildChild47's (Pat's) blog, and, liking the idea, I added a flag to the right-side column of my own blog with the words (borrowed from Pat): in solidarity with Ukraine - на солідарність з Україною Well, I suppose that now everyone can be… Continue reading A mishmash of thoughts on Ukraine

Disappearance, or: Endurance

Poetry Partners #38 'My Disappearance' by Susi Bocks of 'I Write Her' it’s my nature to withdraw when unbalanced for no reason at all i retreat to a safe space like bear cubs denning i’m not languishing i’m dormant with melancholy seeking shelter protects my soul giving respite and comfort surrounded by nothing but time… Continue reading Disappearance, or: Endurance

The case of the stiff fingers

Papa's fingers Papa was supposed to visit us in August of 2018, but his unexpected death came that July, just before his intended visit to Israel. I last saw him in person in the summer of 2017. One of the last memories I have of Papa is him showing me his right hand. He bent… Continue reading The case of the stiff fingers