Virtually into the past

Jim entered his user name, once again voyaging virtually back into the past. He was more determined than ever to uncover whoever had eradicated the local countryfolk those centuries ago. His stomach squiggled as he recalled the graphic scene he'd witnessed of bullets ricocheting throughout a barn. One had pierced straight through the rusty bucket… Continue reading Virtually into the past

Empire; conquest; power

The throng listened to their ambitious, unrepentant overlord preaching his vision of empire; conquest; power; and his most popular slogans related to international politics, morality, corruption, and money. 'Same old,' thought Minion Y-2297. Suddenly, under the drone of the speech, Y-2297 heard traces of a strange ticking sound from somewhere... within him. Turning, he undid… Continue reading Empire; conquest; power

The night sky sparkles with stardust

d’Verse prosery "In space, Captain?" "Yes, Lieutenant. Our analysts are certain. I know it's a lot to absorb; please take your time to…" Pacing up and down the aisle of the top secret anti-gravity aircraft, I find myself reliving yesterday's conversation over and over again in my mind. In space? The very idea seems preposterous…… Continue reading The night sky sparkles with stardust

The Life Tree

image credit: Sarolta Ban Staring out into the reaches of space, dark and prolific with sparkling worlds, the old man heard the dog's whiskers twitch, as the sheet of leaves flowing from the Life Tree wove around them. Sighing as an immature, blustering star bucketed through the cosmos towards a neighboring older giant, Mubassir patted… Continue reading The Life Tree

The cloudy ripples

Smiling toothlessly, the ancient guru stared at Govindaram. "Preposterous, boy? Preposterous?" Standing in the master's hut under his low, wooden roof, the lad felt dubious. He watched the ancient's left hand plop an ivory needle into the bowl and let it sink. Finally, curious, he peered into the vessel. Startled, Govindaram stared at the moon… Continue reading The cloudy ripples


A 'Drabble' (100 words) The scientists tittered with excitement, observing the humans on the screen. Specimens such as these were difficult to acquire, as Earth had been destroyed during the Contraction; and little was known of their mating habits. Bleary-eyed, the man and woman arose from the floor and scanned their cell; the flashing black… Continue reading Specimens

The ‘Gray’

d’Verse prosery Despite weeks of training, I'm anxious. Truth is, nobody really knows whether this will work... Really, it's all theoretical. I see Prof. Chow signal towards me. Repairing and repurposing this extraterrestrial portal technology was her idea; her excitement is palpable. She claims there exists a colorless, muted realm, parallel to our own, in… Continue reading The ‘Gray’

Superimposed over the forest

Clamping her mouth tightly, Shabina massaged her twisted ankle; the elders had warned she'd get into a pickle. Countless numbers had aspired to recover the precious shamanic mask, only to have disappeared… like cousin Shabu. Suddenly, in a flash of red and yellow, Shabu appeared shimmering above her, as though magically superimposed over the forest… Continue reading Superimposed over the forest