Threaded with life stories and memories

d’Verse prosery So. You've finally arrived, warrior. Did you find my undead legions' welcome to your liking? They were like you once, you know… eyes blazing with foolish righteousness and deluded purpose... Well, until I plucked their mortal souls out. Did your masters teach you the anatomy of a soul, hero? Its heart is of… Continue reading Threaded with life stories and memories

Those asteroids, Sir, they’re…

d’Verse prosery "Captain, we're exiting hyperdrive just outside of the Milky Way! I'll patch us through to Grand Lord… Wait… Where…" "Where are we, Lieutenant Mark? There's nothing here but an asteroid field. Check your coordinates!" "Yes, Sir! Let's see… 71.5 by 199.5 degrees… I... don't understand it, Sir. The galaxy should be just… Oh,… Continue reading Those asteroids, Sir, they’re…

Apocalypse or: Armageddon now

A kimo ⭑ extravehicular⭑ activity⭑ ⭑ interplanetary⭑ space⭑ ⭑ adaptability ⭑ What's a kimo? According to this website, kimo poems are an Israeli 🇮🇱 version of haiku. Apparently, there was a need for more syllables in Hebrew. That said, most of the rules are still familiar: 3 lines.No rhymes.10 syllables in the first line, 7… Continue reading Apocalypse or: Armageddon now

Möbius trap

d’Verse prosery … or end… noting the door at the far side of the… do she wondered? Those damned traps are… gingerly, she padded towards the glowing… this a clue? Cringing, she raised her hand towards the metal and traced… so crucial to finding the way is this… there is… … no beginning or end…… Continue reading Möbius trap

Unearthly, distant heart

d'Verse prosery Where are we? Where are our limbs? Our muscles? Our intestines? Our genitals? Our brains? Nothing remains but gore. What has become of us? Our mutilated torsos are not here, nor are our faces. Only mouths are... We? Who sings? The distant heart, which safely exists in the centre of all things. It… Continue reading Unearthly, distant heart

Star fire, or: Source code dragon

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. create your content interface with the source code dragon within you through her living loving flames the star fire streams out of you Notes I decided to once again employ the 'Geek Set' of magnets for this poem;Last week, I was surprised by how difficult the use… Continue reading Star fire, or: Source code dragon

Digital love dungeon, or: Sexy girl games

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. they uploaded her to digital love dungeon from native planet to play sexy girl games but she was not humanoid Notes I decided to take a [temporary] departure from the 'Nature Set' of virtual magnets because the words were beginning to feel stale; I selected the 'Geek… Continue reading Digital love dungeon, or: Sexy girl games