REBLOG: ‘Ruach and the Flute’ by Tanmay Philip

Poem: I was sinking In insecure delusions Illusions Hallucinations Looking for meaning In their voices Of ridicule And hate But now I’m picking my scabs Looking for auguries On my raw skin I was never good At appraising value A good target For the con man Selling decaying wood And bad neighbourhoods Near markets Selling… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Ruach and the Flute’ by Tanmay Philip

Promise, or: Purpose

Poetry Partners #151 'Ride the Chaos', a poem by Tanmay Philip of 'Blog inVERSE' There was a time When I eagerly lapped up The teachings of Gurus, preachers Spiritual masters Searching for Truth and grace Magic and meaning There was a time I breathed in their smoke Until I choked Seeing visions Born from asphyxiation… Continue reading Promise, or: Purpose

The Collapsed Kingdom

Raised in the traditional culture of the thalassic isles, Merida had been deeply impacted by their apocryphal folklore. She truly believed in the Collapsed Kingdom and fully intended to uncover it. Her eyes, the most striking feature of her face, sparkled passionately as she saddled her mare for the journey. This piece of flash fiction… Continue reading The Collapsed Kingdom