Passover, or: Pesach

A haibun This year, spring in Israel wasn't. I've loaded the laundry machine with my fleece sweater and fleece pajamas, which I was wearing just one week ago. I'll be putting them away until next winter. There's a popular Israeli children's song (in Hebrew, of course) that is sung in schools and preschools throughout the… Continue reading Passover, or: Pesach

Spring, or: Sprung

A quadrille (44 words) Having sprung past spring in the course of but one too-brief week, Israel once again puts winter radiators back into seasonal storage; opens windows wide; embraces summer's heat with open arms, sweat dripping down the small of its back, straight into its ass crack. d’Verse Quadrille #149 The above poem is… Continue reading Spring, or: Sprung

Spring, or: Winter?

A haibun Jerusalem is unseasonably cold this month. March is ostensibly a spring month, right? And Israel is a Middle Eastern desert country. It should not be as cold as it is right now. Nevertheless, in the past two weeks, the temperature in Jerusalem has ranged from 5° C (41° F) - 17° C (62.6°… Continue reading Spring, or: Winter?

The language of my home, or: Ruined

Sevenling (Russian was) Russian was always the language of my home and continues to be cuz my wife's from Russia; it's opened doors for me; it's broadened my world. Over the past decade, I've educated Russian speakers; visited family and friends in Russia; discovered Russian folk rock music by Otava Yo. Has Putin ruined all… Continue reading The language of my home, or: Ruined

Text, or: Vexed

Sevenling (Every day) A quadrille Every day ('cept Shabbat, cuz) I'm at my 'puter late; sleep schedule off; strugglin' to get up. Las' night, my eye itches, blurry; wake up this mornin', blurry; later, itchy an' still - blurry. Thought: am I at the screen too much? ... Nah, s'jus' allergies. Sevenling Lines one to… Continue reading Text, or: Vexed

Sunshine, or: Carpe Diem

Poetry Partners #52 'Flakes of Destruction', a poem by Jan Beekman of 'janbeek' Sitting in the sunshine Shedding drop by drip The lonely little snow mound Was just a tiny clip Of the Christmas blizzard Shirtless joggers ran by Oblivious to the remnant Of a storm from angry sky Jan Beekman: An acrostic poem… Continue reading Sunshine, or: Carpe Diem

Demeter, or: Vivaldi

Poetry Partners #50 'A Season of Trees,' a haiku sequence by Colleen M. Chesebro trees—skeleton bare ebony sky silhouettes winter’s artistry a lace of green leaves discover a sparrow’s nest baby mouths agape silk-soft leaves of green touch the cerulean sky summer melodies autumn leaves foretell mystical secrets revealed— only death brings truth Colleen M.… Continue reading Demeter, or: Vivaldi

Pre-warmth, or: The Peak of Rains

Micro-Season (Kō) for early February in Jerusalem Major Season (Sekki): "Pre-warmth" ("Ha-khom Ha-kdam") Jerusalem's "Pre-warmth" Sekki is the tail end of winter, when it is still cold, but spring is on the horizon. It follows immediately after the coldest month of the year, which is January. Micro-Season (Kō): "The Peak of Rains" ("Si Ha-g'shamim") The… Continue reading Pre-warmth, or: The Peak of Rains