It’s Not Lost, or: Found

Poetry Partners #116 'It's Not Lost', a series of tanka by Michael L. Utley of ‘Silent Pariah’ It’s not lost on me How this coral-tinctured eve Tempers morning’s joy With sadness and coos of doves Grieve dying light’s somber end It’s not lost on me that I Never got to bid farewell As sun languishes… Continue reading It’s Not Lost, or: Found

Regret, or: More often

A rispetto I often relive my mistakes. I often sense life has no point. I often think I'm being too fake. No one's left for me to disappoint. I often curse under my breath. I often imagine my death. I often feel I'm not worth shit. More often than I'd like to admit.

Be for, or: Before

My 2nd Alouette Oft, I underrate My own some-day fate... Feeling I'm here for my child, Hoping to bequeath Firm blade for her sheath, Of many insights compiled. I'm mostly of thoughts And abandoned soughts, Verses my greatest pleasure. I pen ever more, Hoping that before End, she's sure of her measure. The Alouette This… Continue reading Be for, or: Before