A night memoir, or: Two

Poetry Partners #37 'Night Memoir' by Orion Foote of 'Visions of Orion Poetry' You never know when a word or two might stick; come creeping through an open window in these small hours. It’s a nagging of letters, where each tone follows a broken rhythm—void of any rhyme or reason except it’s own shuffle towards… Continue reading A night memoir, or: Two

Wax on, or: Wax off

Blank verse in iambic pentameter Laziness; can't blame it on craziness - that's much too sexy, and I've yet to cut even one ear off. This constant stare-off with my own reflection on poetry websites; impressions in fast succession, forming ideas, framing works, foraging for scraps of ambrosia and digging down for diggities. Oh ~… Continue reading Wax on, or: Wax off

Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions

Blank verse in iambic pentameter My favorites are the free birds that - well, you know... You know? Whereas I'm all like, 'How do I stick a whatsit into the round binkadink, wrapped in floojipples? Maybe a shibboing would do it?' I'm amazed that some of those splendid creatures don't get much attention, or sometimes… Continue reading Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions

Writing, or: The wall

My 1st Minute Poem I wish I could express my thoughts, Twisted in knots, Too tightly wound, Can't find the sounds. Even words written defy me, Hiding shyly From angsty dreams, From muffled screams Even when lines and verses flow I always know they all fall short - my truth distort Minute Poetry The Minute… Continue reading Writing, or: The wall

Words, or: Control

Poetry Partners #2 'Words', a poem by Judy Dykstra-Brown of 'LifeLessons' By their adjustment, I change their drift, but when I alter their lilt, I am as transformed by them as they are by me. I am inebriated by words. I reel in their power as they call my bluff. They reflect the changes in… Continue reading Words, or: Control

Thought, or: Language

Thoughts are rolling 'round My mind on language wheels and carousels Building momentum From the spin and leaping off Into the air Grabbing ahold of trapeze words Hanging from lines of lexicon On and on they spring and swing Tumbling free Through whispering breeze Then catching bows of gossiping trees Who mock as they are… Continue reading Thought, or: Language

To life, or: L’chayim*

An American sentence: When writing 'American Sentences', sometimes I get carried a-way. Footnote: In Hebrew, 'l'chayim' means 'to life', and the numerical value of 'live' is '18' (all letters of the Hebrew alphabet correspond to numbers). What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well… Continue reading To life, or: L’chayim*

Floating, or: Flying

A Haibun I have writer's block, in the sense that all I want to do most days is write; sometimes, it gets in the way of (/blocks me from) being fully present in my life. The composition of poetry is a defining aspect of my every day; it has become impossible for me to conceive… Continue reading Floating, or: Flying