Twitter poetry 2021: Week 23

My blogger-poet-friend Ingrid inspired me to create a Twitter account and start writing #APoemADay, which I began on January 1, 2021. Well, well, well... looks like I've officially made it halfway to my goal of Tweeting one poem a day for the entire year of 2021. Not bad, eh? I must confess that I'm a bit proud of myself… Continue reading Twitter poetry 2021: Week 23

Seven, or: Less

seven playful words celebrating syllables poetry party six participants disappointedly watching companion's exit five merrymakers syllabify together harmoniously (un)expectedly remaining quadrumvirate inebriated deliberately intercommunicative trilateralism The above series of senryūs was inspired by this quote by Khalil Gibran: We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words. d'Verse 'Open Link… Continue reading Seven, or: Less