Red light, green light, or: One, two, three!

I. A senryū series 1. Sweetheart, be careful! The curb's much too dangerous; you could slip and fall. 2. Traffic's slowing down; the light's going to change soon; ready to run, Dear? 3. Okay! Take my hand; let's cross before we miss it... Shoot! Our bus went by! II. A senryū Are you sure, Mister… Continue reading Red light, green light, or: One, two, three!

Contest, or: Confusion

Poetry Partners #141 A senryu series by Veera of 'The Forgers of Fantasy' Pumpkins shimmering, An array of bright orange, Brilliant eyes glowing. Vampires soaring high, Razor sharp fangs glimmering, Red capes unfurling. Ghosts floating about, Clocking humans to prey on, Glowing a faint white. Dead bodies rising, Witches flying with broomsticks, Skeletons dancing. Heart… Continue reading Contest, or: Confusion

Spine, or: Soul

Poetry Partners #139 A poem by Barbara Dean Aliaga of 'AbuNana' When do you think you will be happy? What do you mean, I'm fine. No, there's a cloud of uncertainty Radiating from your spine. It's not my spine, you see dear sir That shouts to you I'm blue. It's my soul that's caught in… Continue reading Spine, or: Soul

Subtle airy chill, or: Nipples poke fabric

A 'Troiku' subtle airy chill her bare midriff draws glances taut muscles pull leash subtle airy chill drifts through my half-closed window rosy cheeks outside midriff draws glances tiny goosebumps on tanned skin nipples poke fabric taut muscles pull leash fastened to small dog's jacket oh- Autumn's arrived #TankaTuesday For Tanka Tuesday, hosted by Colleen… Continue reading Subtle airy chill, or: Nipples poke fabric

Departures, or: Arrivals

Poetry Partners #128 Pat Schneider: 'The Patience of Ordinary things' 'Four Points of Departure (senryū inspired by excerpts from 'The Patience of Ordinary Things' by Pat Schneider)', a poem by Stephanie Malley of 'serendippitysays' i. How the cup holds the tea a test of patience to spend all your days drinking hot tea from… Continue reading Departures, or: Arrivals