Longing, or Belonging

Poetry Partners #78 'ALL Belong', a poem by Anna Smit of 'Shalom Aleh' They turned And looked At me fierce "Go home Where you Came from" They shouted. Tears Became my Playground lot I thought I belonged But came up Short. Finally I cried Now I be- Long. But no! Accents Set us apart A… Continue reading Longing, or Belonging

Rubber, or: Glue

My 1st rhyming sestina Some people don't like the word Jew A label that fits me like comfy shoe Jews were murdered and made into glue Regarded as less than beasts at a zoo Blamed for both the plague and the flu In the end, though, it's the haters who stew Jewish cholent is a… Continue reading Rubber, or: Glue

Connotations, or: Perhaps…

My 1st full sestina I've been writing poetry for nearly a year; Poetic forms beguile and, oh, so fascinate me; After all, they shape our intended connotations no less than our very words do, and they're so much fun to play around with. Perhaps I should try my hand at a sestina. I've heard tell… Continue reading Connotations, or: Perhaps…

Souls’ tears, or: Nigh

My first Fibonacci poems in rhyming Sestina form I Why? I So cry... Oh, to fly, Oh, to soar sky high! Need I, need I write what comes nigh? II Nigh... Why Get high? Human, I. Nigh, shall my soul fly; Skies pouring forth tears that souls cry. III Cry! Nigh, I'll fly To my… Continue reading Souls’ tears, or: Nigh