Clean, or: Dirty

A clean limerick She goes through loads of laundry every night, Stuffing beckoning front loader tight, Presoaking downy delicates fine, And of soft dryer fuzz not a sign! Oh, her fluffing & folding fast delight! d'Verse Poetics: Put your Words on Spin Cycle For this d'Verse poetry prompt, we were instructed to write laundry poems. This… Continue reading Clean, or: Dirty

Luscious, or: Sweet, raw peach juice

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. tongue licks luscious sweat finger smears sweet, raw peach juice bared breasts aching, "please" heaving deliriously death goddess smells blood in her Notes For this poem, I decided to return to the 'Original Set' on the Magnetic Poetry website;At first, the lack of an obvious theme left… Continue reading Luscious, or: Sweet, raw peach juice

Fertile animal, or: Wild berry

My fourth 'Magnetic Poem' Wanna try? Click here. moist path between boughs fertile animal eating wild berry gently Notes This particular 'Magnetic Poem' takes the form of a haiku;I opted for the 'Nature Poet' magnet set for the first time.Flora and fauna are not in my poetry wheelhouse at all;Therefore, I now intend to regularly… Continue reading Fertile animal, or: Wild berry

The truth is poetry, or: is it?

A response to Lia by David ben Alexander The truth is I am throbbing inside of you right now The truth is your lips quiver to my pounding meter The truth is you are swollen gushing with our verses The above poem is my take on d’Verse’s ‘a conversation’ prompt. d’Verse prompted us to look back… Continue reading The truth is poetry, or: is it?

Love, Marriage, or: Both

'Synesthesia' - a d’Verse prompt My lime for you beryls with deep pine I coral to salmon your puce Your yellows both amber and chrome me Your bice leaves me verting for spruce The teals of your blues, they cobalt me I can't help but rose at your flush There are kelly and coal in… Continue reading Love, Marriage, or: Both