REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch

Poem: I sit on the front porch considering the moon, and the train coming down the tracks I can feel it, the anxiety the streets, and this sensation not missing a beat Kinda like when you see a star in the sky you relate to it it’s a mirror image of you, and you know… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch

Fateful, or: Not this

An Arkquain Swirl our fateful first meeting rewrote our lives circumstances were such that I was privileged; the first of your parents to meet you in person; my distraction was due to concern for Mama's well-being after your birth; so, that privilege was totally lost on me~ I was wondering whether we were two or… Continue reading Fateful, or: Not this

REBLOG: ‘One Cup’ by Karima Hoisan

Poem: For My Family in Jordan Harsh lands bring soft embraces, Here we all drink from one cup. Before we put our share to our mouths, We make sure there is enough. Oven winds bake a glaze on my face, While dry eyes squint to the sky. Two leathered hands sift Martian sands, I can’t… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘One Cup’ by Karima Hoisan

Spoiled, or: Happy

A 'Shadorma' I confess We have spoiled our child; She enjoys receiving gifts on holidays, birthdays, and throughout the year. Our spoiled child decided to bake chocolate cookies for her entire class, just to share in her happiness. ‘What do you see’ Prompt #166 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offers this photo of a… Continue reading Spoiled, or: Happy

Shattered, or: Built anew

A 'Garland' Shadorma I've returned from imposed exile that my child may belong that she never need reclaim a lost legacy even as freedom's native son belonging eludes me pulled between societies nearly stretched to shreds homeland-born never asked to be raised away far, so far, from grandparents, aunts, cousins from my truest self the… Continue reading Shattered, or: Built anew

Turning 120

As some of my WP-friends have noted, my birthday was last week; I turned 43-years-old. 👴🏼 Anyway, I'm not much into celebrating my birthday, but I consider it important to do so for my daughter's sake; and we decided to go out for a late brunch on Friday to a local café that specializes in… Continue reading Turning 120

REBLOG: Paula Light & Suzette Benjamin

'New Poetry Form' by Paula Light Today I would like to introduce A new poetry form for your moose: Not a sonnet haiku villanelle— I think you will enjoy it quite well. The lines should number twenty-four; Word count is ninety-seven, no more! Syllables are whatever you wish, Except line eleven, which has only six.… Continue reading REBLOG: Paula Light & Suzette Benjamin

REBLOG: ‘The Number Game’ by Navin Manik

Disclaimer: Please read this poem under the lighter shadeI’ve added a bit of ginger to give it a slightly warmer tasteNot pointing fingers at any particular person(s) at any stageBelieve me even if I want to, I just really can’tCoz I don’t remember their handles or any namesCoz they haven’t made any kinda impact on… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘The Number Game’ by Navin Manik