Together, or: Apart

Again, I'm parenting alone without my spouse, who's now abroad, stuck with daughter's chatter, unrelenting- this, our known path, oft trod. Of course, she's older now. So, it's much easier to get along; I'm not new at this- have long since learned how to stay upbeat and strong. Together, we'll- get through this challenging week… Continue reading Together, or: Apart

Single parenting during a playdate

My wife traveling abroad Every so often, my wife leaves me at home with our daughter for a week, as I've mentioned in the past, and this was such a week. In general, these weeks are stressful for all of us. For me, it's stressful because I have to be "on" full-time as a father… Continue reading Single parenting during a playdate

Six going on… sixteen?

My wife flew abroad for work this week so I was on full-time parents duty (as I sit here writing this, I feel particularly exhausted). She left on Sunday afternoon, and she's finally back home, as of an hour or so ago (in time for Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, which begins at sunset on Friday).… Continue reading Six going on… sixteen?