This heart, or: This mind

My 1st puente In the form of two envelope quintets This heart has no other blood known than flowed through all past generations linked one-by-one through space and time by ancient Hebrew conversations echoing through flesh and bone ~ ever more so as I've grown ~ This mind has grasped that nothing's known though men… Continue reading This heart, or: This mind

Tradition: just do it?

Some axioms for life Once an institution comes into existence, its top priority becomes perpetuating its existence;If an institution achieves its stated goals, it will assign itself new goals in order to justify and perpetuate its continued existence;All religions are institutions. Kaddish: basic logistics There are several different versions of the kaddish prayer (technically, it's… Continue reading Tradition: just do it?

Poison words, or: Wake up kiss

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. but my god decayed into warm liquid fish eyes broken lips smoking breathed poison words over me melting into wake up kiss Notes For this poem, I decided to make use of the 'Poet Set' on the Magnetic Poetry website for the second time;This poem was, in… Continue reading Poison words, or: Wake up kiss

Belief chooses you

You don't choose what to believe. Belief chooses you.-Steven Galloway (1975-) This particular quote is one that speaks to me at a deep level. I often find myself both amazed by and impressed with those who hold earnest beliefs in supernatural and/or divine forces. When I reflect upon those with true faith, I find myself… Continue reading Belief chooses you

My lack of reverence

I used to have reverence for rabbis, but I barely remember it. Last night I was at a wonderful rooftop get-together for a friend of mine ('C5') who just recently made Aliyah (repatriated to Israel as a Jew). It was lovely, particularly for me because I've been spending a lot of time with my daughter… Continue reading My lack of reverence