Skin shallow, or: Beauty

Poetry Partners #182 'Beneath the Skin', a poem by Ancy Johny of 'Many Heads In One' Crammed in glass jarsArrived queen saffron“Hush, hush” they saidPassing to the mother“Get a baby that’s white”Giggled, a set of kinfolksInnocence gushed outWhenst the baby chuckledHer brown skin glowedLike a stone, devoid of guileKnowing nothing of demonsAnd a destiny, already… Continue reading Skin shallow, or: Beauty

Skin, or: Bones

Poetry Partners #27 'Skin in the Game' by Audrey Duff of 'Stopping Schadenfreude' It's the horses' sweaty skin that Derby owners claim. Warren Buffet’s first deal, not much skin in that game. Pigs weren’t so lucky in games, Their bladders stretched and stuffed, tossed and bound, for four quarters and a hundred yards. That’s what… Continue reading Skin, or: Bones