Trivialities, really, or: Futile rage

Poetry Partners #170 'Snow', a poem by Kiri Salazar of 'TheDustSeason' Snow, as heavy as death, How you break the frail back. Shoveling is a gladiator sport, and Winter is the lion which slays you. Roar the oncoming horde of flakes. Sodden mittens clench the staff, A blade against an unrelenting foe. Blisters in anticipation.… Continue reading Trivialities, really, or: Futile rage

Lady, or: The snows

An 'Arkquain Swirl' whitetrimmingsbright againstsnowy landscape;sumptuously cladgraceful Lady of the Snows;understated coy smile knowsshe's untouchable;floral fur-trimmedcape and muffoffsetherscarletberibbonedbrimmed fancy hat;watery wintrywastes draw away to allowher between bent laden boughsas she floats through them;blood circulatesclose to thesurfaceofrefinedfine cheekbonesflushed like red dress;heavy horizonswelcome home native daughter;untouched by weight of watersshe absorbs the scene;knowing pools darkunblinkingtake itin Twiglets… Continue reading Lady, or: The snows

Fingerprints, or: Tongue

Poetry Partners #161 Senryu by Jan Beekman of ‘janbeek’ I. Each snowflake's unique Like my fingerprints and eyes Brrr - snow on my lids II. I stuck my tongue out Ouch! Help me, I'm way too close Stuck to that damn pole Jan Beekman: Tankas by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ I. each… Continue reading Fingerprints, or: Tongue

Fall athwart, or: Land

A "Waltz Wave" poem fall blanket fall across brush, branches backyards fall athwart those mighty sovereign mountains with down of welkin fall autumn to winter and fall fall perceived land #TankaTuesday This week, for Tanka Tuesday, Colleen encourages us to write syllabic poems inspired by this photo by her friend, and photographer, Terri Webster Schrandt. “We… Continue reading Fall athwart, or: Land

Snow boots, or: Sandals

A limerick Stubborn, I flout those "cold weather blues". What? Snow boots? Nay, I must refuse! In fact, if you must know, Those footprints in the snow Were made sandaled, for I eschew shoes! d'Verse poetics prompt: Come sing with me! At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to use at least two of the following wintry… Continue reading Snow boots, or: Sandals

Resplendent sparkles, or: Broken asphalt

A haibun As a teenager, I would make the rounds with my snow shovel after heavy snowfalls in suburban New Jersey, offering my not at all highly esteemed driveway shoveling services. By my standards, the money was great. I always looked forward to winter. Then, in college, I encountered Cleveland, Ohio winters, which can be… Continue reading Resplendent sparkles, or: Broken asphalt

Soft down, or: Ermine

A Garland Cinquain soft down over sunlight noble snowy owl soars white citrus cotton candy skies easeful glaciers in bleached silence glide through foamy white caps sportive belugas vocalize play tag chubby still harp seal pup blends into vast snowbank defenseless in mother's absence wide-eyed arctic hare races past watchful for predators white winter coat… Continue reading Soft down, or: Ermine

Urban scarecrows, or: White plankton

'Neither Snow' by Billy Collins When all of a sudden the city air filled with snow, the distinguishable flakes blowing sideways, looked like krill fleeing the maw of an advancing whale. At least they looked that way to me from the taxi window, and since I happened to be sitting that fading Sunday afternoon in… Continue reading Urban scarecrows, or: White plankton