High ‘n light, or: Highlight

A poetic triptych I. "High" (a triolet) Pass it... over... take... a long puff You'll... get high... faster if you cough Damn, Dude... you... got the real good stuff Pass... it over... take... a long puff Uhm... Bro... I think you've had enough Guys, looks like we have got liftoff! Pass... it over... take... a… Continue reading High ‘n light, or: Highlight

In-person versus online poetry community

Poets of Babel Last year (2021), during the Jewish autumn festival of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), I attended a local gathering of poets in Jerusalem, hosted by Shoshana - a poet I'd come across here on WordPress who happens to live down the street from me. Then, in May '22, I attended another poetry reading… Continue reading In-person versus online poetry community

New friends, or: At the dance

A limerick Dirk ordered Scotches for new friends at the dance, followed by several Bordeaux from France. Lastly, for himself, a Belgian beer. Then, as he turned, his ex pinched his rear. Dirk squeaked, stumbled, & ruined his dance pants. W3 poetry prompt This poem was written in response to Steven S. Wallace's W3 prompt… Continue reading New friends, or: At the dance

Two’s company, or: Three’s a crowd

Three lanternes onealonequiet timecontemplationselftwolovingcompanyconversationpairthreeawkwardunwelcomenosey Parkercrowd Lanterne (or: Lanturne) A lanterne is a type of cinquain (five line poem) that has one syllable in the 1st line, two syllables in the 2nd line, three syllables in the 3rd line, four syllables in the 4th line, and one syllable in the 5th line. The poem itself was… Continue reading Two’s company, or: Three’s a crowd

First light, or: The rolling fog

From the divan, she could barely make out first light through the rolling fog in her head; rising, she shivered, instinctually pulling the strap of her cotton chemise up over her shoulder; glancing at her reflection in the cheval glass mirror. She cringed at smeared makeup and red wine stains, noting the confetti sparkling in… Continue reading First light, or: The rolling fog

Our welcoming school community

Now that the Jewish High Holy Days (Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, etc.) are over, the school year is in full swing in Israel. Happily, our daughter's first grade teacher, who had been sick with COVID and was absent at the beginning of the school year, is back in the classroom. To a large extent, we… Continue reading Our welcoming school community