Seduction, or: Blank canvas

Poetry Partners #23 'The Art of Seduction', a poem by C L Barton of 'Linnets Sing in the Trees' Desire adventures in Turkey and Greece, a thief's attracted by what's kept out of reach. Stay with something forbidden reading poetry and kissing become permissible. Hear the call of appearance, the Devil in this dark was… Continue reading Seduction, or: Blank canvas

Snacks, or: Spiders

An Italian sonnet With eight legs, I compose my lines faster Than you primates can manage with your hands! Known as goliath bird-eater to fans, You may call me Mighty Spider Master. Mice and lizards know me as disaster When down in burrow lined with my silk strands. Fool humans fear my large poisonous fangs...… Continue reading Snacks, or: Spiders

Son, or: Sonnet

Creased browned unbound fraying pages swaddled In dusty ragged strips of cloth behind Her desk that daily, hourly, brought to mind Khakied legs at which a child once toddled Shaky hands and wise, weak eyes, which coddled Him; but this - was he intended to find Her manuscript - scribbled on worn sheets lined With… Continue reading Son, or: Sonnet