REBLOG: ‘Tolling Bells’ by Ingrid Wilson

Poem: And all we hear are tolling bells telling fortunes, wishing wells well-wishers washed in pools of tears all eyes and ears all eyes and ears Are turned towards the funeral the heart has had its coronal* as silence ends the reign of years the sky rains tears the sky rains tears We listen at… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Tolling Bells’ by Ingrid Wilson

REBLOG: ‘Immortality’ by Filipa Moreira Da Cruz

Poem: Death will never tear us apart You belong to that special category You are everywhere Your voice is in my mind Always Your wise advice are dancing in my brain Faultless Your sweet hug keeps me company All the time Memories will be my best friend No matter what Your body is weak and… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Immortality’ by Filipa Moreira Da Cruz

REBLOG: ‘Ruach and the Flute’ by Tanmay Philip

Poem: I was sinking In insecure delusions Illusions Hallucinations Looking for meaning In their voices Of ridicule And hate But now I’m picking my scabs Looking for auguries On my raw skin I was never good At appraising value A good target For the con man Selling decaying wood And bad neighbourhoods Near markets Selling… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Ruach and the Flute’ by Tanmay Philip

Catch, or: Release

Poetry Partners #152 'eyes', a senryū by Dee of 'The Daffodil in a Sunflower Field' our eyes – as they say – are the windows to our souls. when closed, do souls fade? The Daffodil in a Sunflower Field: A tanka by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ our eyes – as they say… Continue reading Catch, or: Release

REBLOG: ‘Sleep Writing’ by Yassy Khan

Poem: Poems whisper to me as I prepare for bed Like a lullaby I hear them in my head I fall asleep holding my notebook tight Clutch my pen feeling the ink glowing bright I dream I am writing in my slumber But when awake I can’t remember To capture elusive words that run asunder… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Sleep Writing’ by Yassy Khan

Needles, or: Threads

My 1st 'Wounded Couplet' Some dark traumas persist; they'll never heal; Unreachable festering maroon wounds Linger 'til people die, Spasming against the wills they are bound by. Our drugs such soul-griefs can never obtund; We're human for those deep twinges we feel. Robust hearts absorb, beating through the pain; Our strongest their heartbreaks learn to… Continue reading Needles, or: Threads

Spine, or: Soul

Poetry Partners #139 A poem by Barbara Dean Aliaga of 'AbuNana' When do you think you will be happy? What do you mean, I'm fine. No, there's a cloud of uncertainty Radiating from your spine. It's not my spine, you see dear sir That shouts to you I'm blue. It's my soul that's caught in… Continue reading Spine, or: Soul