Musketeers, or: Rapier

A Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos firm, familiar keys clacking images stinging sweat drips from the brow inner eye unblinking giving in to riffing rhythm therein thrilling in little ripples rivulets revealing sound suffuses syllables so smoothly euphony feels soft and sure cacophony quite crisp words rife with densely packaged symbolism hissing out… Continue reading Musketeers, or: Rapier

Articulators, or: Above the larynx

My 1st Alliterisen Consider consonants for just a mere moment Mouths move; the pharynx, phonal, is an articulator So too, there's the velum, which the tongue touches The hard palate, plainly, has a curvy, smooth surface And, also, there's an alveolar ridge Then there's the tongue tip, blade, front, back and root as well The… Continue reading Articulators, or: Above the larynx