Grateful for security

Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining - it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn't solve any problems! -Zig Ziglar (1926 โ€“ 2012) This year, after nearly thirteen years in Israel as an adult, I got a job that I can rely upon in the long term. My first reaction… Continue reading Grateful for security

The exam for advanced second-graders

In Israel, there's a state exam for second-graders that aims to identify advanced students. There are two stages of this exam; the children who pass the first stage go on to the second, more challenging stage. I don't have all of the information about this exam, but, essentially, children who are identified as "advanced" are… Continue reading The exam for advanced second-graders

Make it happen, or: Happen to make it?

A Copla Real with chiasmus No one jus' happens to make it; You gotta go make it happen! When down, you gotta recommit. What- you 'bout to give up again? Stiffen your lip 'n don't submit! Life really hard, I mus' admit; But when it hardest, that jus' when- When you jus' mad enough to… Continue reading Make it happen, or: Happen to make it?

Ruined, or: Reaching

A sijo passion's perilous pathways perchance exact painful prices ruined romantic reveries strewn across rambling ravines reaching, rugged towers rise constructed of rough setbacks 'Ronovan Writes' poetry challenge Sijo Wednesday #4 Ronovan encourages poets to write sijos that include the word 'passion' today. Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised of three lines of… Continue reading Ruined, or: Reaching

Overcast, or: Undercast

Poetry Partners #55 A poem by M Jay Dixit of 'September heart-to-hearts' Another day's been laid to waste Sunshine seems so far away Dark clouds linger on Crying from time to time a melancholic rain. I can't remember my face Mirrors show a reflection I hate and my thoughts are so grey, so low and… Continue reading Overcast, or: Undercast

The piano ainโ€™t got no wrong notes

Those who want to know what sound goes into my music should come to NY and open their ears.-Thelonius Monk (1917 โ€“ 1982) Son, I couldn't give you the recipe even if I wanted to. I compose my pieces with a formula that I created myself. The only cats worth anything are the cats that take… Continue reading The piano ainโ€™t got no wrong notes

365 poems? Check!

#APoemADay You may have noticed that I've been posting poems from my Twitter account to the Skeptic's Kaddish blog every Friday afternoon since January 1st. At the start of the year, I was writing micropoems on a daily basis for my #APoemADay challenge, but that experience was stressful because I was always worried about missing… Continue reading 365 poems? Check!