Breeze flutters shadows, or: Before nightfall

A haibun I exit in the early evening; and my city is aglow in warm sunlight. I smile. Most of the time, I don't hold any particular appreciation for the sun; Middle Eastern summers are uncomfortable. Still, leaving the office before daylight has faded... bright bus stop breeze flutters shadows sun lazes d’Verse Haibun Monday:… Continue reading Breeze flutters shadows, or: Before nightfall

Picturesque memories of sunshine

Fire always drew him, conjuring picturesque memories of sunshine. He recalled the profound impact of seeing his first glorious rainbow as a lad... O, how delightfully that sun had refracted through those suspended droplets! Smiling, Vadim shook himself out of his reverie and, appreciatively, licked the last salty hint of blood from his lips. This… Continue reading Picturesque memories of sunshine

Cheeks flush, or: Smiles flash

A haibun Summer is a time for picnics, and, therefore, a time for verdant, shady spots. There's something heavenly about lying on a blanket sheltered under the broad, leafy limbs of a friendly tree, delighting in the blossom scented breeze. For families with children or children at heart, such experiences are simply a must. midsummer… Continue reading Cheeks flush, or: Smiles flash

Ground control, or: Major Tom

A haibun It was not so long ago that I aimed for the stars. Perhaps just over a decade ago... but who's counting? Today, I'm at a secure job that provides me & my family health and life insurance, along with other benefits. In another year's time I'll be eligible for dental and catastrophic health… Continue reading Ground control, or: Major Tom

Molten, or: Ablaze

A Garland Cinquain ablaze gaseous fireball millions of degrees gigantic nuclear furnace brings life chirp, chirp streaks of feathers soar and catch the sunlight along with insects for their young alight lemons ripe, luscious fruit vivid citrine gems sway fleshy, mature, rich, flavorsome heavy tree hole busy beehive hexagonal pattern molten syrupy honey drips teeming… Continue reading Molten, or: Ablaze

Oz, or: Path beneath

Poetry Partners #53 'Oz', a poem by royalpalmtree of 'Sharing the light of God's Word' Blue birds can fly over the rainbow, So what's stopping you From taking that same flight And achieving your dreams? royalpalmtree: A magnetic naani by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ Songshine rains through thick blanket on verdant forest… Continue reading Oz, or: Path beneath

Demeter, or: Vivaldi

Poetry Partners #50 'A Season of Trees,' a haiku sequence by Colleen M. Chesebro trees—skeleton bare ebony sky silhouettes winter’s artistry a lace of green leaves discover a sparrow’s nest baby mouths agape silk-soft leaves of green touch the cerulean sky summer melodies autumn leaves foretell mystical secrets revealed— only death brings truth Colleen M.… Continue reading Demeter, or: Vivaldi

Death, or: Beyondering

A golden shovel in blank verse EPIGRAPH: I don’t know what happens after death but I’ll have to chance it.Desert Snow, Jim Harrison (1937 – 2016) Left alone to my own devices, I oft ponder beyondering, though I don't dare wander past the edges of we-know before twilight. O, Sun, I wonder what, while watching… Continue reading Death, or: Beyondering