Weight in gold, or: Diamonds

Poetry Partners #179 'True Friends', a poem by Kriti of 'Life is Beauty' True friends are those Who see the pain in your eyes And never leave your side Whenever you need them Whatever be the time In the moment of despair Or in happy times They are never apart always in your heart They… Continue reading Weight in gold, or: Diamonds

Friend, or: Dost (ุฏูˆุณุช)

An acrostic tanka for Sadje's birthday ๐ŸŽ‚ Supportive; caring; Attentive; understanding; Deliberative Jump-starter of our muses Engages us all with love Happy 61st birthday, Sadje! I think I speak for many bloggers on WordPress when I say that your daily contributions to our collective community make each day a little brighter ~ thanks for being… Continue reading Friend, or: Dost (ุฏูˆุณุช)

Ebb, or: Tide

Poetry Partners #137 'Swimming Against the Tide', a 'Snyder Nonce' poem by M. Snyder of 'The Art of M.' She swam against the tide that was too strong Found herself nearly drowned in the process He told her to continue to hold on She could barely grab a hold of his hand Her sullen expression,… Continue reading Ebb, or: Tide

Bogomolny, or: Georgakas

Poetry Partners #119 'Iโ€™m a walking, talking, rhyming Bogomolny', a poem by Cindy Georgakas of 'Unique Times with Cindy' Up & Atom words rhyming. People think Iโ€™m touched itโ€™s true, except for those of you, who turn words too. I search for my thesaurus, nowhere to be found, so I Google it. looking for similes… Continue reading Bogomolny, or: Georgakas

Construct, or: Construction

A limerick EPIGRAPH: Many hands make light work. -Adagia An old minstrel feeling weakly and sick Called his bard pals to help him right quick; Though seemingly absurd, Each took up a single word... That verse got constructed... brick by brick. d'Verse Poetics A Penny for Your Thoughts! At d'Verse, poets were offered a list… Continue reading Construct, or: Construction

Announcing ‘Poetry Partners’!

New at the Skeptic's Kaddish I'm excited to announce that the Skeptic's Kaddish will be featuring one guest poem weekly on or before Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath, which runs from Friday night to Saturday night) in Israel (UTC+02:00). Please note: โ€˜Poetry Partnersโ€™ is not merely about publishing guest poetry; itโ€™s about seeding potential future creative partnerships.… Continue reading Announcing ‘Poetry Partners’!

Wither, or: Whither?

An Alouette You might nurture this, Though some would dismiss It: "Unworthy, consuming Sustenance needed By sundry seeded..." That are already blooming. Come, please water it, Give it just a bit Of attention and support. Should this come to wilt, Imagine the guilt... The dry, withered words of dirt. The Alouette This form was created… Continue reading Wither, or: Whither?