Belle(s), or: Lettres

A clean limerick (really) Beauty's father feared she'd never be wed. It seemed she fancied reading instead. But Beast? Oh, what a find- A beau of similar mind Who thought it cute she lived stuck in her head! d'Verse poetics: Erik Johansson's art At d'Verse, we are encouraged to select a surrealist photo of Erik… Continue reading Belle(s), or: Lettres

Touched, or: Slightly mad

A sijo tentatively, I approach the words with faint recognition; upon reflection, they sharpen, seeming ever more familiar; the limits of understanding come into focus; I'm touched Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. Each line contains a pause near the… Continue reading Touched, or: Slightly mad

Am, Are, or: Always

no doors in walls to Keep out fear just: Look and See, but no walls there... once structures, now Convulsing lines there's Is, there's Was, less timeless rhymes no what, no I, but only Am Am Flail for textures; Whisper, "damn..." unbearable, Am's Feels Are Galled Walled in, Crawling, no space at all! nouns swiftly… Continue reading Am, Are, or: Always

Fairly unfamiliar, or: Gibberish up above

A Haibun For me, now has already happened, but you are only reading about it now. With my every word, which, from my perspective, I've already written, the present me moves further into the past, until I lose all sight of the person whom I'd been when I first began writing these words. I feel… Continue reading Fairly unfamiliar, or: Gibberish up above

Bell out across the ripples, or: Whether life’s a dream

A Choka colors of sunrise bell out across the ripples boundless reflections unbound possibilities selves observe themselves through reality's membrane between above and below flickers of visions turn perceptions on their heads bodies wake come morn with many left uncertain as to whether life's a dream Choka? The most intricate Japanese Poetry form is the Choka,… Continue reading Bell out across the ripples, or: Whether life’s a dream

Car crash, or: Sea Monster

A pantoum Car crashed sailing along dreamway Wheels spun around through misty breeze Hark! He heard panicked krill swarms say Ducking, dropped down to hands and knees Wheels spun around through misty breeze Whipped drops of water slapped his face Ducking, dropped down to hands and knees Wreckage, much needed hiding place Whipped drops of… Continue reading Car crash, or: Sea Monster

Lingering, or: Ready to depart

Poetry Partners #92 'Lingering Soul', a poem by Maitreyee Telang of 'Empty's Blog' She was like a preserved flower, Unique and delicate, So exquisite, The beauty, itself, was scared, To breathe, In case, it altered her in some way. She was like the moon, Incomparable and mysterious, A side of her so dark, That the… Continue reading Lingering, or: Ready to depart

Empty, or: Broken

Poetry Partners #44 A poem by Saint Gaona of 'Saint it so' Looking in the mirror, carving a smile out of the broken promises, watered down dreams. Unable to relate to the reflection , feeling like an out of body experience, experiment for their sick pleasure. Your body a burden to your soul, your soul… Continue reading Empty, or: Broken