Mare, or: Reflection

I wade in; I float near Not myself- who's that there? Can't be me; won't free me Else, I'd drift out to see No windows- no wind blows Stale thoughts heave in death throes This place's strange faces Fill the spaces tightly Swift pacing, mind racing Dreams fleeted yet chasing Depleted, now seated, Truth meted… Continue reading Mare, or: Reflection

Undone, or: Nowhere

Chant poetry Node node Nobody knows knows me node Node node node Nobody comes knocking node Node node Nowhere nowhere nowhere node Node node node Notes notes notes are written node Node node Nobody can read them node Node node node Notes are notes notes are played node Node node Nobody can hear them node… Continue reading Undone, or: Nowhere

Dangerous, or: Horizonless

EPIGRAPH: When you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerous.-Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961) write safe words never utter crowd out white space press a dull nib dipped in life ink pour more than enough to cover horizonless pages of sheerest all color streaming into one blinding plane as searing brave light tears through… Continue reading Dangerous, or: Horizonless