Etrog, or: Citrus medica

A 'Symetrelle' aurous citrus medica how black-robed religious jews inspect you, seeking specimens most perfect scent of autumnal festival of booths, you captivate my eyes with your lemony hue; you impossible, fragrant jewel, it's you who enlivens lifeworn mortal soul anew it's wondrous to me in all respects how you senses to our depths connect… Continue reading Etrog, or: Citrus medica

W3 Prompt #50: Weaโ€™ve Written Weekly

Intro Dear friends, Welcome to our W3 Poetry Prompt, which goes live on Wednesdays at The Skeptic's Kaddish. You may click here for a fuller explanation of W3; but here's the 'tldr' version: Part I The main ingredient of W3 is a weekly poem written by a Poet of the Week (PoW), which participants read… Continue reading W3 Prompt #50: Weaโ€™ve Written Weekly