Full Muse Queen, or: Creative Source

Poetry Partners #177 'Inside This Place', a 'Vilanelle' by Karima Hoisan of 'Digital Rabbit Hole' Inside this place my dreams and verse are born Like magic, words brew with no help from me I do but watch the process every morn As dialogue in dreams comes to adorn Subconscious yearnings I can never see Inside… Continue reading Full Muse Queen, or: Creative Source

Never get old, or: Our souls

Poetry Partners #96 'The Youth and Senior Citizens', a Villanelle by Myrna Migala of 'My Forever' The youth will never engage That our souls will never get old Upon arriving at old age Inside โ€” Seniors feel caged The aged will uphold The youth will never engage We old citizens feel as if onstage Not… Continue reading Never get old, or: Our souls

Replacement parts, or: Truth-driven

My 2nd Terzanelle Replacement parts ever lacking ~ Only nothing lasts forever Replacement parts ever lacking Maintain each piston, cog, lever Appreciation is the key ~ Only nothing lasts forever Embrace of limitations frees Forge forth for futures to follow Appreciation is the key Being fully is not hollow Now's full of opportunity Forge forth… Continue reading Replacement parts, or: Truth-driven

Poets, or: Sages

My first Terzanelle Beginnings bring inevitable ends It's oft said the fourth dimension is time Beginnings bring inevitable ends Poets struggle to find reason in rhyme Our endings birth beginnings for others It's oft said the fourth dimension is time Fulfillment is too often another's Some would bleed themselves out onto pages Our endings birth… Continue reading Poets, or: Sages