Again, and again, or: How, how, how?

Poetry Partners #107 A poem by Tarlie Francis of 'Bless Me this Morning' Tears Mingle with the drizzled rain, Washing away the pain, Again, and again; As memories of you, Fade away with my youth, To a remote corner Of my essential being. Bless Me this Morning: An Emmett by ben Alexander of โ€˜The… Continue reading Again, and again, or: How, how, how?

Past, or: Perfect

Poetry Partners #45 A series of raiku about the past by Alan Steinle of 'Alanโ€™s Poetry' (Alan's invention: raiku = rhyming haiku) the past is a chain we drag along the terrain of our aging brain whether right or wrong the arm of the past is strong carries us along can we break the tie… Continue reading Past, or: Perfect