Red light, green light, or: One, two, three!

I. A senryลซ series 1. Sweetheart, be careful! The curb's much too dangerous; you could slip and fall. 2. Traffic's slowing down; the light's going to change soon; ready to run, Dear? 3. Okay! Take my hand; let's cross before we miss it... Shoot! Our bus went by! II. A senryลซ Are you sure, Mister… Continue reading Red light, green light, or: One, two, three!

Orange lights, or: Testy pedestrians

A haibun I can sleep through almost anything, which is a useful talent to have because our apartment faces a major Jerusalem artery, noisy with traffic, as did our previous apartment. During the day, we are beset by vehicles blaring their horns, as well as the occasional car accident; at night, joyriders rev their engines… Continue reading Orange lights, or: Testy pedestrians