Stubborn hopes, or: Weary despair

A 'Wounded Couplet' Having moved twice across the vast ocean, I've been hollowed out as pieces flaked off, Shaken loose by each wave, Wearing away at the last of my brave. Biting chills blow through with my every cough, Being depleted by every motion, Lugging cumbersome baggage everywhere, Full of stubborn hopes and weary despair.… Continue reading Stubborn hopes, or: Weary despair

Of four, or: Of before

A Triolet She served as doctor in the War Parents, young brother in Ukraine Close-knit, her family of four She served as doctor in the War No one survived from her Before Her soul was crippled by the pain She served as doctor in the War Parents, young brother in Ukraine d'Verse poetics: Grandmothers This… Continue reading Of four, or: Of before

Needles, or: Threads

My 1st 'Wounded Couplet' Some dark traumas persist; they'll never heal; Unreachable festering maroon wounds Linger 'til people die, Spasming against the wills they are bound by. Our drugs such soul-griefs can never obtund; We're human for those deep twinges we feel. Robust hearts absorb, beating through the pain; Our strongest their heartbreaks learn to… Continue reading Needles, or: Threads

Fallen apple, or: Tree

A Choka Punch-drunk love sours to white wine vinegar over years, as tensions spike at home... voices drip acid upon the floor tiles... brother and sister tripping over themselves in familiar apprehension... their little feet, hearts pounding the stairs to safety... "F**k!" He raises the bottle. Choka? The most intricate Japanese Poetry form is the… Continue reading Fallen apple, or: Tree

Unimaginable to tender minds

dโ€™Verse prosery In every generation, words were left unspoken between parents and children. Some, unimaginable to tender minds. Some elders harbored the traumas of their youths to their families' detriments in ultimately futile attempts to protect them. Others remained incapable of acknowledging, let alone processing, the damage they'd suffered. These were the most dangerous. Beaten… Continue reading Unimaginable to tender minds

Empty, or: Broken

Poetry Partners #44 A poem by Saint Gaona of 'Saint it so' Looking in the mirror, carving a smile out of the broken promises, watered down dreams. Unable to relate to the reflection , feeling like an out of body experience, experiment for their sick pleasure. Your body a burden to your soul, your soul… Continue reading Empty, or: Broken

Bark, or: Bite [Part III]

A quadrille In the form of an Etheree [click here for Part I] [click here for Part II] "Sir? Mister? It's awful, ain't it? What she done to that poor dog..." He tore his eyes away from the screen in the window to the waif and grinned wickedly. "Yes," Mister replied, "And to think this… Continue reading Bark, or: Bite [Part III]

Bark, or: Bite [Part II]

A quadrille In the form of a Reverse Etheree [click here for Part I] the barn had been her only home, padlocked, dank, dark, with rats scurrying around; rotten scraps of food even Rex would only paw at thrown in once daily. She, more beast than girl, had crushed his skull when Mister, drunk, left… Continue reading Bark, or: Bite [Part II]