Just a shell, or: The sea

'Useless! Useless!' ~ a haiku by Jack Kerouac Useless! Useless! โ€”heavy rain driving into the sea A 'Golden Shovel' of 'Useless! Useless!' It's- useless I'm just- useless Mind so damnably heavy Thoughts washed away in a rain Of devastating doubts driving Me directly downwards into The darkest depths of the Wintry wordless sea 'Golden Shovel'?… Continue reading Just a shell, or: The sea

Bukowski, or: Runoff

The next line is the worst garbage He snorts this Curse nursing it for the worse as Synapses across lobes stretch for one Another crackling in the charge Of words; bursting thoughts Powder trail across dots As shot through two barrels He's being held Over one bound by metal heaving Retching Wretched bromide He snorts… Continue reading Bukowski, or: Runoff