Prefix, or: Excursus

A 'Garland' Shadorma please don't pre- empt your conception of thorny ideas before taking a moment to reflect on them do you con- tend you can under- take the most difficult challenges put before you? what of poetry? challenging for people to with- stand all con- tradictions put before them on journeys from birth to… Continue reading Prefix, or: Excursus

Stones, or: Sticks

An 'atom poem' small pompous bully fears own dark doubt never sees his folks feels ignored hated ruled by sharp anger just a wounded child cries when he's alone Atom poetic form? At least one tercet (three line stanza); Letters per line: 5-7-5; No punctuation; no capitalization (like haiku). Moonwashed weekly prompt Pompous W3 poetry prompt This week's W3 poetry prompt was… Continue reading Stones, or: Sticks

Of primal drive, or: Law from above

Poetry Partners #109 A poem by Michaël of 'Daily Poetry' By what other name do we know love, it's the warmth we receive the lost souls we retrieve. But closer than affection, we don't seem to come to describe that powerful feeling. It's mother's protection, a place to call home, peeling layers off will not… Continue reading Of primal drive, or: Law from above

With, or: Without language

An American sentence: We can think without language, but language lets us know we are thinking. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total. He… Continue reading With, or: Without language

A night memoir, or: Two

Poetry Partners #37 'Night Memoir' by Orion Foote of 'Visions of Orion Poetry' You never know when a word or two might stick; come creeping through an open window in these small hours. It’s a nagging of letters, where each tone follows a broken rhythm—void of any rhyme or reason except it’s own shuffle towards… Continue reading A night memoir, or: Two

Perception, or: Reality

A Cleave poem you should always attempt to see in looking at the canvases the frames hanging on the walls around you what they are providing and contextualizing rather than true reality for what you’d like your careful perception to amount to could very well fail you tomorrow or some day later How to read… Continue reading Perception, or: Reality

Sign, or: Delivery

My 1st Cleave poem there’s no rhyme to what poets write and what poets experience how they are understood when they are read by critics picking their fantasies apart / from from stacks of books delivered by publishers, not knowing the rhythms of their hearts them and their little birds fluttering so vulnerably yearning hoping… Continue reading Sign, or: Delivery

Words wrapped around dreams…

What is poetry?? This is akin to asking “what is happiness?” Poetry is one soul speaking to the universe and hoping that the stars hear. Poetry is emotion woven in words. Poetry is words wrapped around dreams. Poetry is the vulgar made presentable and the presentable made profane. Poetry is an individual definition influenced by… Continue reading Words wrapped around dreams…