Rockets, or: Shows about cake

Poetry Partners #187 'Sunset Challenges', a poem by holley4734 of 'chasing destino' with reeling from a feeling that she has lost a step, What's this we see? In the open, Sunset cancels out gorgeous real estate and palm trees. Rockets lasting longer than shows about cake. Sunset challenges the cutthroat market of gorgeous ladies with… Continue reading Rockets, or: Shows about cake

The horrid screaming

d’Verse prosery I'll never forget my prom night, darling… A nightmare. Come to think of it, it was exactly fifty years ago on this day! Without a date, on a back street, dusky sky above me, I sat in my beautiful dress and bawled my eyes out… how could I ever forget? See, I had… Continue reading The horrid screaming

Antisemitism, or: Jew hatred

A poem written in Michael “Mouse” Murdoch's new nonce poetic form: "The Tail" Some- Times I Pop Rhymes A- Bout Jews Like Me Some- Times I Have To Shout When I Hear Stop Don't Talk A- Bout It Be- Cause It Was Long A- Go But No It Was Last Year You Hear? Of All… Continue reading Antisemitism, or: Jew hatred

REBLOG: ‘Another Hit’ by Ken Hume

Poem: It’s another hit But not of the musical kind Leaves a woman Scared out of their wits, quivering in fear Wishing she could rewind (Instead of dancing on the floor) Holding back the tears With a black eye & a swollen lip What excuse will she give this time? “I walked into the door… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Another Hit’ by Ken Hume

A domestic abuse story

Preoccupied with domestic abuse After my wife's and my recent attempts to help our domestically abused friend, my mind has been awash with thoughts about domestic violence. In that context, I'd like to share another story about a second friend of ours... somebody that we're especially close to. Her story, in a certain sense, is… Continue reading A domestic abuse story

Beginning’s end, or: Every new beginning

An American sentence: Defeated, the abused wife returned her friends' apartment key and left. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total. He felt that… Continue reading Beginning’s end, or: Every new beginning

Through thick, or: Thin

A Crystalline They welcomed in their dinner guests, his heavy hand upon her thin nape. Her beautiful, gemmed Sabbath outfit was adorned with an unseen leash. She'd applied makeup carefully to conceal her crow's feet and pallor. An unsteady smile failed to distract from timid eyes, red and tearful. What's a Crystalline? A complete couplet.… Continue reading Through thick, or: Thin