Feeling groovy, or: Peer pressure

A Waltmarie In five American Sentences The young man climbed up to the roof in the raging storm, feeling groovy. Hooting and hollering, his friends cheered him on, as he started to dance. Skipping and jumping along the roof's edge, he kept his balance, but just. Sadly, the speed of his wild pirouettes was more… Continue reading Feeling groovy, or: Peer pressure

Raven, or: Your virtual head

Poetry Partners #74 An American Sentence by Kerfe of 'Lines that aim to be' Original art by Kerfe Amid strange recurring sounds, Raven takes charge of your virtual head. Kerfe: https://kblog.blog/ A waltmarie poem by ben Alexander of 'The Skeptic's Kaddish' Comprised of 5 consecutive American sentences Lucy lost Internet privileges and more for being… Continue reading Raven, or: Your virtual head

By chance, or: Choice

Poetry Partners #17 An American Sentence by Coco of 'un pโœtit je ne sais quoi' what i savor came with prize not by accident but by you provoked Coco: https://un-ptit-je-ne-sais-quoi.blogspot.com/ A waltmarie by ben Alexander of โ€˜The Skepticโ€™s Kaddishโ€™ (comprised of 5 American Sentences) 'What,' ponder lonely people, 'chemistry gives birth to lasting friendships?' Came… Continue reading By chance, or: Choice

True love, or: Deep connection

A waltmarie Comprised of 5 consecutive American sentences Drawn in by the poem's first verses, she was blown-away by the end. He'd never been trained as a writer. So, clearly, he'd employed magic. Whenever he took up the pen, he always thought of her, his true love. Her imagination raced. She'd no sway over where… Continue reading True love, or: Deep connection

Windows, or: Fourth dimension

A waltmarie Comprised of 5 consecutive American sentences A chilly breeze blows across the apartment through large, open windows. We find ourselves observing the shifting seasons, passengers through time. Our senses tingle at winter's birth, our bare hands; noses; tongues... our eyes. The frailty of bare trees and wind's colors are almost hard to look… Continue reading Windows, or: Fourth dimension

Joules, or: Abundance

A waltmarie Comprised of 5 consecutive American sentences Cotton candy cumulus clouds float across the sky, veiling the sun. Picnicking families light charcoal afire; young'uns watch it burning. A barefoot three-legged race begins. Runners push off against the earth. Boys and girls on the merry-go-round squeal and giggle as it's turning. More hearty food is… Continue reading Joules, or: Abundance

Doings, or: Beings

My 2nd waltmarie Comprised of 5 consecutive American sentences Creative self-expression injects fulfillment into mere being. Some philosophers reflect upon the attributes of the human. Maybe mankind is like every other species. Perhaps it is more. Are we not intended to be more humane and merciful than just? Seek balance between existing as a human… Continue reading Doings, or: Beings

Stories, or: Hoary

My 1st waltmarie Comprised of 5 consecutive American sentences Belief in deities helps humans bear their emotional Baggage. Needy, unsteady, we oft succumb to our basal needs and Desires. Floundering, humanity yearns to experience storied Magic. Regrettably, some devotees feel threatened by (s)he who faith Rejects. Love for supernatural beings entirely defies Logic. The waltmarie… Continue reading Stories, or: Hoary